Raven 10.5 Tonarm

제품분류 : 톤암
브랜드 : tw-acustic
판 매 :

Effective length: 267 mm (10.5 Zoll)
Mounting distance: 251.2 mm
Overhang: 15.8 mm
Offset angle: 20.5 degrees
Geometry: Lofgren B drawn on IEC radii
Null points: 70 mm (inner) and 117 mm (outer)
Effective mass: 14g
Bearing: Dual pivoted type - using high precision bearings
Material: Special black anodised aluminium
Counterweight material: stainless steel
VTA adjustment: via VTA adjuster (+/- 5 mm)
Azimuth adjustment: Via rotation of headshell
Overhang adjustment Via positioning of cartridge in headshell slots

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Raven 10.5 Tonarm